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Measurement Unit Conversion Tool

To allow for an accurate dosing of your swimming pool, hot tub or spa chemical products, you should first make sure all the measurements you are working with are in the same units as those provided in the instructions.

If you need to calculate the volume of water in your swimming pool to get started, you can visit our Water Volume Calculation page, which tells you how to do this.

You may have some of your volume measurements in Cubic Metres, Litres, UK or even US Gallons depending on where you got your information from. Whether your dosing rates need to be in Metric or Imperial units, here’s a guide on how to convert volume measurements:

Cubic Metres to Litres: Multiply by 1000

Cubic Metres to UK Gallons: Multiply by 219.969

UK Gallons to Litres: Multiply by 4.54609

US Gallons to Litres: Multiply by 3.785411

UK Gallons to US Gallons: Multiply by 1.20095

US Gallons to UK Gallons: Multiply by 0.832674