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Stabilised Chlorine Granules

Pool Chemical Products Stabilised Chlorine Granules 5kg

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A granular form of chlorine for sanitising swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Our granules are manufactured with a stabiliser to help prevent the destabilisation and destruction of the chlorine by sunlight and UV rays. This prolongs their usefulness as a sanitiser over other types of non-stabilised chlorine and makes them ideal for use in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs whether located indoors or outdoors. These chlorine granules should be routinely used to help maintain a safe bathing environment. They may also be used as a shock treatment for smaller swimming pools. Please note: All orders of 5kg or above (e.g. 10kg, 25kg etc) will be shipped in 5kg containers.

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Dosing Instructions

Swimming Pools:

Routinely use to maintain levels of between 2-3ppm residual chlorine in small or domestic pools and 3-5ppm in public or heavily used pools.  For each ppm of chlorine increase required use 40g per 25,000 Litres of water.

Spas and Hot Tubs:

To increase the free chlorine level by 2.5ppm, add 5 grams (a teaspoon).  On average you should need approx. 1 teaspoon per person using the spa. Maintain a chlorine level of between 2-4ppm in your spa or hot tub.  Re-adjust the pH balance to between 7.2-7.6 for optimum bathing comfort.

Please refer to packaging or MSDS
MSDS can be requested from
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Additional Information

Component Sodium dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate
State (type) Granules
Colour White/beige
Odour Chlorine