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Product Glossary

Learn more about which pool chemicals you need for your swimming pool, spa or hot tub.

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Antifoam can be used within the swimming pool, spa or hot tub to reduce and eliminate unsightly surface foam from the water. Our antifoam is a silicon based inert liquid that works in low concentrations and is compatible with all sanitising systems.


Whilst not directly harmful, algae is an undesirable contaminant of bathing water since it causes discolouration. It is usually introduced to the water by bathers and if left untreated can turn the water green and opaque. Algaecide is the solution to this problem and is used to remove and control the algae levels within the water. Our algaecide is supplied in liquid form for shock dosing or regular weekly use.

Alkalinity Builder

Alkalinity builder as it's name suggests raises the alkalinity of the bathing water as well as slowly increasing pH levels. In areas of soft water or where stabilised chlorine is used as a sanitiser, it may be necessary to add alkalinity to the water to improve bathing comfort and to prevent the water corroding the pool enclosure and pumps. Our alkalinity builder is supplied in powdered form.

Aquarium & Pond Testing Kit

This test kit provides four easy to use, colour coded tests to ensure the water quality of your freshwater or saltwater aquarium or pond. The kit tests for pH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels.

Bacteria Dipslides

Dipslides, also known as paddle testers are generally regarded as the standard semi-quantitative measurement for bacteria and microbiological testing in the analysis of bathing water. They are used when microbiological activity is relatively high (1,000-100,000 CFU/ml of water) and should be used only as a guide. This is because dipslide accuracy is limited due to the small size of the analysed sample. However dipslides are a convenient, simple and inexpensive measuring tool.

Bromine Tablets

Like chlorine, bromine is an essential chemical that helps to maintain low levels of bacteria and viruses within pool water to help prevent the spread of disease. Whilst high water temperatures can render chlorine ineffective, bromine is more stable at higher temperatures and this makes it more suitable for use as a sanitiser in spas and hot tubs.

Chlorine Granules & Tablets

Chlorine is an essential chemical that helps to maintain low levels of bacteria and viruses within pool water to help prevent the spread of disease. All of our chlorine products contain a stabilising agent that helps to prevent breakdown of the chlorine by sunlight, meaning that they maintain their sanitising effect for longer.

Comparator Test Kits

Comparator test kits employ a diethyl-p-phenylene diamine (DPD) indicator to measure free chlorine and bromine levels in a water sample. The DPD indicator will react with the water sample and the resulting colour change can be compared against the pre-calibrated colours of the comparator disc to determine the chlorine or bromine level.


Dechlorinator is a reducing agent that removes chlorine/bromine from water. It can be used where over dosing of the bathing water with chlorine/bromine has occurred. Our dechlorinator is supplied in powder form.

Digital pH Monitor

Our digital pH monitor is an accurate tool for measuring pH levels within the bathing water, providing an instant digital reading. 

Dishwasher Salt

Manufactured from 99.9% pure salt, our dishwasher salt dissolves evenly making it suitable for all types of water softener. Its purity and dissolvability significantly reduces the chances of salt build-up in the base of the water softener.

DPD Tablets & Powder

Diethyl-p-phenylene diamine or DPD is an indicator used to establish chlorine and bromine levels within a water sample. DPD tablets and DPD powder are to be used with our comparator test kits.

Floating Tablet Dispenser

Where chlorine or bromine tablets are used as a sanitiser, a floating dispenser is required to release the sanitiser into the water at a preset rate. Use of tablets without a dispenser is not advised since the tablets can sink to the bottom of the pool and damage the pool lining.

Free Chlorine Test Strips

Free chlorine test strips provide a simple and accurate method of measuring the free chlorine levels within the bathing water.

pH Increaser

A granular additive to increase the pH level within the water. Note, alkalinity builder can also be used to slowly increase the pH level where water alkaline levels are low.

pH Reducer

A granular additive to reduce the pH level within the water.

pH Test Strips

pH test strips provide a simple and accurate method of measuring the pH level of the bathing water.

Shock Chlorine Granules

Our shock chlorine granules are higher in available chlorine than our standard granules with over 78% free chlorine. They start to work in seconds to destroy organic contaminants and chloramines. They are especially suitable where the bathing water has been untreated for a long period of time, such as at the start of the spa or swimming pool season.

Water Cleaners & Clarifiers

Small particles of dirt and foreign matter that are below 20 microns usually pass through the filtration systems of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs and can leave the water looking cloudy. Our cleaning products help to flocculate (coagulate) these particles into larger clusters so they can be filtered out of the water. Larger clusters will fall to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuum removal. Our Pool Clean is a standard industry product however we also stock Organo Clean which is fully organic and kinder on the environment.