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Each swimming pool, hot tub or spa can differ greatly in terms of chemical requirements, which will be determined by a variety of factors. These could be the material the swimming pool, hot tub or spa is made from, how frequently it is used, its location and surrounding environment, the origin of the water used to fill it, plus many other contributors.

We strongly recommend that you do your own research into how to look after a swimming pool, hot tub or spa and develop a maintenance programme that suits your particular setting, and always check with the manufacturer or supplier for advice.

This section provides the basic information you will need for successfully looking after your swimming pool, hot tub or spa, and a selection of helpful tips and advice on product recommendations and overcoming common issues.

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Pool Chemical Products’ Tips and Advice pages address the basic requirements for a sparkling swimming pool, hot tub or spa and how to resolve general problems. All tips and advice provided are recommendations; please also seek guidance from your supplier or manufacturer and take heed of Health and Safety precautions. Pool Chemical Products takes no responsibility for damage or accidents.