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Complete Swimming Pool Starter Kit

Complete Swimming Pool Starter Kit Complete Swimming Pool Starter Kit

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The Pool Chemical Products Complete Swimming Pool Chemical Starter Kit offers a multi-purchase saving of £4.15 -  the best starter pack for new pool owners or anyone looking for a great deal!

Our Complete Swimming Pool Starter Kit contains the necessary chemicals and testing equipment required to maintain a safe, clean and healthy bathing environment.

Chlorine Granules provide the sanitising agent to kill harmful bacteria, whilst the pH Plus (increaser) and pH Minus (reducer) can be used to regulate pH levels within the pool water to ensure the balance between bather comfort and protection of the pool lining and pumps.

Alkalinity Builder is provided for use in areas that have soft water to add alkalinity to the water to aid corrosion resistance of water pumps and heat exchangers, and to regulate pH fluctuations. Pool Clean is a water clarifier that helps to coagulate fine particles within the water into larger clumps, so they can be filtered by the pool filters leaving the water sparkling clean. 

The Algaecide is used to eliminate and control potential algae growth whilst the Dechlorinator can be used in the event of chlorine overdosing.  The 3-Way Test Strips allow for pH, Chlorine and Total Alkalinity levels to be measured and help create the optimum pool water balance.

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Kit contents

1kg Stabilised Chlorine Granules
1kg pH Minus
1kg pH Plus
1kg Alkalinity Builder
1kg Dechlorinator
1L Pool Clean Water Clarifier
1L Algaecide
3-Way Test Strips (x 50 test strips)

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