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Multifunction Chlorine Tablets 200g


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Our chlorine tablets are manufactured with a stabilizer, Algaecide and clarifier to help prevent the destabilisation and destruction of the chlorine by sunlight and UV rays, prevent algae growth and clear your water. This prolongs their usefulness as a sanitiser over other types of non-stabilised chlorine and makes them ideal for use in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs whether located indoors or outdoors.

Tablets are an alternative to granules since they can be left in a floating dispenser or skimmer to release chlorine for a continous period of time to maintain a desired chlorine level. Note: remove the dispenser from the water whilst the pool is in use.

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Dosing Instructions


One Tablet per 45,4500 litres to achieve 1-3mg/l (ppm)

Floating Dispenser

Fill the Dispenser with Multifunction Chlorine Tablets and adjust the control collar at the bottom of the dispenser to maintain 1-3mg/l (ppm) chlorine

pH of the water should me maintained at 7.2—7.6 for bather comfort and safety


Please refer to packaging or MSDS
MSDS can be requested from
0845 8722732

Additional Information

Component Trichloro-1,3,5-triazinetrione > 99%
State (type) Tablets
Colour White
Odour Chlorine

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