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Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium and Pond Testing Kit

Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium and Pond Testing Kit Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium and Pond Testing Kit

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Fish need good quality water to be healthy and happy. However simply achieving what looks like clean and clear water does not necessarily mean that the water is free from impurities and pollutants. The only guaranteed way to monitor water conditions is to test for several parameters with a suitable testing kit.
This professional water test kit is suitable for the testing of ponds and freshwater & saltwater aquariums.
The kit contains four easy to use tests to ensure the water quality of your aquarium or pond, helping to keep the water clean and safe. This kit tests for nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and pH through four simple colour coded tests, whilst the strong polypropylene case also doubles as a workstation.
Detailed instructions are provided for each test, indicating target levels and suggested actions to remedy any problems.

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Test Kit Contents

• Detailed colour instructions
• 8 testing reagents
• 4 colour coded test charts
• 4 test tubes
• 3 reagent scoops
• Syringe
• Strong plastic storage case that also doubles as a workstation

Included Tests:

• pH level
• Ammonia
• Nitrite
• Nitrate

Product Benefits

Four easy to use, colour coded tests to ensure the water quality of your freshwater or saltwater aquarium or pond.

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