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Dechlorinator for Ponds, Fish Tanks and Aquariums

Dechlorinator for Ponds, Fish Tanks and Aquariums

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Chlorinated tap water can be harmful to fish. Dechlorinating agents can be used to neutralise the chlorine and make the water safe for aquatic life.

Our dechlorinator is supplied in crystal form for use in ponds, fish tanks and aquariums. 500g of dechlorinator will treat up to 100,000l of tap water with 1ppm free chlorine.

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Dosing instructions

Mix the crystals in a bucket of warm water and once dissolved add to the pond, aquarium or fish tank water.

10g (2 teaspoons) of dechlorinator will treat 2,000l of water with a chlorine level of 1ppm. Adjust the dose rate accordingly for different chlorine levels.

Product benefits

Easy to dose and has a long shelf life.

Please refer to packaging or MSDS
MSDS can be requested from
0845 8722732

Additional Information

Component Sodium thiosulphate pentahydrate
State (type) Crystals
Colour Colourless
Odour None