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Complete Spa & Hot Tub Testing Kit

Complete Spa & Hot Tub Testing Kit Complete Spa & Hot Tub Testing Kit

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Spa and hot tub water has the potential to harbour bacteria that can be dangerous to health. Bromine is universally used in the bathing water which acts as a biocide to limit or destroy the bacteria growth in the water.

It is important to maintain the correct bromine levels within the water to ensure a safe and comfortable bathing environment.

This swimming pool test kit has been developed specifically for the analysis of spa and hot tube water, containing tests for total and combined bromine and pH level.

The kit contains approximately 50 tests per parameter through the use of an easy to use comparator disc system.

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Tests For:

  • Total bromine
  • Combined chlorine
  • pH level

Test Kit Contents:

  • Comparator
  • pH comparator disc
  • Bromine comparator disc
  • Powder scoop
  • Universal indicator
  • DPD No. 1 tablets
  • Nitrite powder
  • Detailed usage instructions
  • Strong plastic storage case that doubles as a workstation

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