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Alkalinity Builder (Increaser)

Alkalinity Builder (Increaser)

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In areas of soft water or if stabilised chlorine tablets are used as a sanitiser in the bathing water it will be nessesary to add alkalinity to the water.

Water that is low in alkalinity is corrosive to pool pumps, heat exchangers and tile grout and alkalinity builder should be used to prevent this. Alkalinity builder will also slowly increase the pH of the bathing water. In hard water areas the alkalinity level will already be sufficient.

Alkalinity builder can be used to increases the alkalinity level in swimming pools, spas or hot tubs.

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Dosing Instructions

Aim for an alkalinity level of between 120 - 150ppm

Swimming Pools:

1kg increases the alkalinity of a 10,000 gallon pool by 12ppm.  Add directly to the pool


100 grams (1 scoop) will increase the alkalinity level by 50ppm in a 1,000 litre spa.  Add directly to the spa

Please refer to packaging or MSDS
MSDS can be requested from
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Additional Information

Component Sodium Bicarbonate
State (type) Powder
Colour White
Odour None