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  • Pool

    Complete Pool Starter Kit - Everything you need for clean safe water.

  • Swimming Pool

    Complete Swimming Pool Test Kit - Easy to use testing kit

  • Dispenser

    Stabilised Chlorine Tablets - For a floating dispenser

Essential Swimming Pool, Hot Tub and Spa Chemical Products

Welcome to Pool Chemical Products, for all your essential swimming pool, spa and hot tub chemicals and accessories! Peruse our wide range of competitively priced and quality products which also includes everything you need for testing and treating the water within aquariums, ponds and fish tanks, and simply place your order! You can also set up an account to make the process even faster and easier.

Each of our product pages has all the information you will need including safety and dosing instructions, meaning you’re just a few clicks away from enjoying a sparkling clean and safe bathing environment! 

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